Berea Fine Arts Academy

“To play without passion is inexcusable!”

Piano Lessons

We believe that a firm grasp on music theory and the fundamentals of piano technique will help students become great musicians.

Guitar Lessons

Whether you have never held a guitar before, know a few chords or are an accomplished guitarist, we offer instruction that will help you improve your skill level.

Voice Lessons

We teach singers to use their voices without abusing them. We start with proper posture and breathing and move on to voice placement, relaxation, vowel shape, and many other technical issues that hold singers back from realizing their full potential as an artist.


“Our daughter has taken piano lessons at Berea Fine Arts Academy for almost seven years now, and we have appreciated the professional teaching she has received from her instructor.  She has learned music theory as well as the knowledege of how to play a variety of styles of music including the ability to improvise by adding chords and additional notes to written music.  She has also been given the opportunity to work on duets with other piano students.”

Cheryl Gault

“Steve was an awesome vocal teacher!  He was very patient and knowledgeable about singing and vocals.  He is also very funny and easy to learn from.  You can also tell he is very enthusiastic about his job, which makes the lessons even better!  He was also very kind and he taught me a lot while I took lessons with him.  I ended up learning a lot and after I was finished taking lessons from him, I felt that my singing abilities had improved and I better understood my range and style.  Overall, Steve is a very good teacher to have because learning from him is fun and effective!”

Lillian Short

“In my 35 years playing music professionally, I’ve rarely come into contact with others in the industry who have as much musical knowledge as Steve. His wide range of experience with voice and instrumental music is a benefit to any student, young or old, who has him as a teacher. He not only has the musical skills and knowledge of theory required to impart what students need to know, he also knows how to teach. He keeps students engaged and interested by encouraging them to select music that interests them to learn. Musical proficiency is ultimately a life-long endeavor, and no one knows “everything”. Musical growth is a constant goal, even for the professional. I myself have learned many things from Steve, not the least of which is how to sing properly after 30 years of doing it improperly as I had no formal lessons in that area. It is a scientific fact that music students, given a proper foundation in theory and reading music, can gain up to 30 points in a standard IQ test. Steve can provide this foundation.”

Dean Wise